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Just click a time-slot and choose a resource.
It's that easy.


Users, Resources, Time-slots and Bookings...
Create as many as you need.*


Only your members can see your bookings.
Full access & permission control.

“Educators at our high school have been using BookEm.click for six months. It is an easy and reliable way to book resources and space. The colour coding system allows for quick booking. We love it! The support team is always there for you and are responsive to suggestions on improvements. Highly recommend this top notch product!”
Nancy Wilson, Teacher Librarian, East Northumberland SS


User-Friendly Calendar Interface

Resource Bookings are clearly visible and easily edited.
Just click on a time-slot to book a resource, assign a user, and add a description.
Modify your reservation by simply dragging to booking to another time-slot.
Using filters, you can show or hide any resource to focus on one or two elements, or see conflicts.
Your organization's calendar is private. Only your own logged-in users can see the information. Export an iCal feed for any resources to include in external calendar apps.
Get email notifications about your upcoming bookings.

Simple Operation

Add bookings for yourself or for other users.
Easily choose the Date, the Resource, and Time Period(s).
Create multiple entries with a simple mouse-click.
Add notes and special instructions as desired.

Custom Time Configuration

Maybe your organization books by the minute, the hour, or the period, or just mornings and afternoons.
You can customize your timing setup at will, naming and specifying the start and end times for any booking unit. Bookings can be for single or multiple units, and can easily be extended or modified.

Unlimited Resources

Add as many rooms, facilities or pieces of equipment as you'd like.
Resources can be anything your organization wants to reserve.
Control the access to individual resources, or restrict editing to certain users.
Users can only edit their own bookings. Managers can edit across the organization.
Our Free plan allows up to 10 Users to reserve 5 different Resources in Unlimited Bookings. Our simple $5/month subscription removes all restrictions.